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Starting to Heal

I realized that no one had educated us girls and women on how to truly heal from our past trauma, and go on to be happy, successful, and wealthy women. There was really no “real” singular education on how we could be whole, healed, truly happy and complete women. At least not in the way that I needed to hear it or that I thought other women I knew needed to hear it. I mean, we all knew how to act to get most of the things we really wanted; a man, a job, some money, and a nice bag to impress friends, etc. But true restoration and happiness — with or without material gain — seemed to be something that for the longest time I had been unsure I was ever going to reach. 


Maybe an elite few seemed to receive this “real” education. But so many people I knew who were rich and could buy anything they wanted, were seldom truly happy. And I wanted all three. Healing, Happiness, and Abundance. An abundance of wealth and a happy relationship which led to marriage. 

I’d encountered scattered tips and strategies in the media, videos, or books I read and tried them on for size. I’d also looked at what bits and pieces I could glean from my mother’s, grandmothers’, and other family members’ and friends’ lives. But none of it was a direct education. None of it said, “This is how a woman heals, or this is what a woman even is,” or “This is how you cultivate your true self” and, “This is what a woman does to create happiness.”

And that brings us to the Big Kahuna. How do we find a man, a partner, a husband? Where was the direct education on how men think and how to create a healthy relationship with yourself first so that your relationships with men and other people are healthy and fulfilling?


Put plain and simple, most of us were not taught exactly how to alleviate the pain from the past, or how to parlay that into the lives and dreams that we wanted. We were falling to peer pressure or following the masses and the media, and many women, including me, were losing their own unique expression and beauty because they didn’t see any other way, or didn’t hear the knowledge in a way that spoke to them on how to be themselves, be healed, be accepted, or be loved. And for far too many of us, the price of not knowing what to do and how to do it, is our self-esteem and values, and, sometimes, unfortunately, our lives. 


Well, The Girls Guide To Happiness, Healing, And Happily Ever After is a book written for women of all races to answer many of the immediate questions that they have about how to achieve happiness, healing, and finding the partners of their dreams.


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